Yesterday I was behind a Volkswagen Electric Golf (VW eGolf) with manufacturer plates (Michigan) - the vehicle goes on sale in November, and it was clearly a production model with no attempt at stealth.

Here are a couple of pictures, Enjoy!

eGolf photo 1

eGolf photo 2

I’ve read that VW decided to air-cool the batteries, removing the liquid-cooled thermal management system (TMS) that any proper EV with lithium-ion batteries needs. Nissan found this out the hard way with the Leaf and the resulting class-action lawsuit when their batteries start to die after just a few years. Amazingly, Nissan never fixed this engineering error, and it looks like VW is going down the same road.

For comparison, the Tesla, Volt, and Spark EV (the latter I have), all use a liquid-cooled TMS to insure batteries stay at a proper operating temperature.