In 2005 we bought a Roomba red and used it for a couple of years before moving onto our sailboat where we didn’t need it anymore. I passed it on to my sister, who used it for a couple more years before she also didn’t need it anymore and put it into storage until now.

I wasn’t surprised that the original NiMh battery would no longer take a charge, but $26 on Amazon was all it took to fix that - and the Roomba is once again alive, much to the annoyance of our dog.

Roomba red

This Roomba only cost $150, and works great - especially at picking up dog hair. I think iRobot has really lost it’s way, and as a result a huge portion of the market. The cheapest current Roomba is about $350, but most models are in the $450-$600 range. While our Red was near the bottom of the line when we bought it 9 years ago, I can’t see any reason why they would be so much more expensive today - even accounting for inflation, with reduction in manufacturing costs and technology getting cheaper, these should be less expensive today than they were 9 years ago.

As a result, iRobot now has much more competition from companies like Neato. Today, I’d never buy an overpriced Roomba, but at least our 9 year old model is still working great!