Figuring that you are tired of hearing about spurious technical details of this blog, here’s some pictures of meat. This is a pork butt (shoulder) I did in my WSM (Weber Smokey Mountain) a few months ago over cherry and apple wood. We made pulled pork sandwiches and got several meals out of it. I froze some of it which we enjoyed a bit more recently.

I used a slathered mustard base which turns out great - highly recommended.

Just off the smoker:

finished butt

For sauce, I thinned an off-shelf BBQ sauce with apple cider vinegar and apple juice, which made a much more tangy sauce.

After pulling:

pulled pork butt

We had to fight off Penny, our terrier:

penny butt

And finally the WSM smoking away. This is before I had pitmon up and running, so no telemetry from this cook:

wsm butt

I’m looking forward to my next pork butt with pitmon up and running so I have a graph of the whole overnight cook!