When I originally migrated this off blogger I used Octopress, which a coworker had told me about. Octopress has worked well, but despite it’s promise it turns to be quite a bit more complex than just using Jekyll directly. Sure, with Jekyll you have a bit more work to do in styling and editing templates, but in the end I found it less effort than Octopress, and ended up with something that’s much, much easier to maintain, add posts, and publish.

The Octopress approach is to enable a whole bunch of plugins, none of which I wanted except Disqus, and which I then had to manually remove. Jekyll is just the opposite - the base Jekyll has few features and you add what you need. The second approach, on the whole, is a better deal.

I think this tiny rant summarizes it well.

There may be some layout and content hiccups as I hack on things, but permalinks, rss feed, disqus, etc should all be good. I’m still playing around a bit with theming and styling.