Apple recently announced an initiative and authoring tools to get school textbooks into their new iBook platform. This is a really bad thing for a couple of reasons.

First of all, this is an enforced vendor lock in. In other words, Apple iPad will be supported, and nothing else. This is not unexpected by Apple, but it begs the question about Apple's real motives.

Second, if you are thinking about authoring a textbook for this platform, read the fine text of the agreement. You are agreeing to give Apple exclusive rights to your book. Yes, exclusive means exactly what it sounds like - You are explicitly denied from publishing your work in any other way or medium!
If Apple really cared about education, they would be embracing open standards with an equal footing for anyone, and respecting author's rights. They could do this in a way that still makes them money, but instead have chosen to make sure that they are the only player. I'm really disappointed in how the media is touting how "great" this is without considering the downside.

Yep, Apple is proving themselves to be the new Microsoft, time and time again. I will continue to support open platforms and open standards, and encourage everyone reading this to do likewise. Say no to vendor lock in and exclusive publishing agreements!