With Christmas just a couple of weeks away, this is a good time to plug my sister's book "Firedust" - Book 1 of The Adventures Of Josh Bronsky by Katherine Emmons.

If you have 8-12 year old children on your Christmas shopping list, you should really check it out! It's a great adventure story, with more books coming in the Josh Bronsky series...


Josh Bronsky is whisked off to the world of Lumira in a dune buggy stolen right out of the school parking lot.

His accomplice is the stubborn Isabel, better known as the Sock Princess. This whole fiasco is her fault.

A strange man warns Josh about an upcoming battle, and tells him about the firedust, ...

You can preview the first chapter of the book, and get more information, at www.firedust.org. Check out the links below to purchase the book directly from Amazon, or to get the ebook on Nook and Kindle.

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